Want A Rustic Looking Home Office? Turn An Old Glass Door Into A Desk

If you're setting up your home office, you might be looking for executive office furniture. If you want to have something unique and the bragging rights of saying you did it yourself, you can make your own desk that's sure to provide a rustic look and feel to the space. All you need is an old glass door and few other supplies to get you well on your way to creating something that you can't buy in stores. This guide provides the steps needed to make your new rustic desk a reality.

Step 1: Shop for Supplies

Look around at thrift shops, flea markets or even yard sales for an old glass door. Ensure that the glass is in good shape with no cracks or chips. Other supplies and tools you'll need include:

  • medium-grit sandpaper
  • fine-grit sandpaper
  • hand vacuum
  • a roll of painter's tape or masking tape
  • primer
  • antique-white paint
  • a medium-size paintbrush
  • window cleaner
  • newspaper or paper towels
  • two sawhorses

Step 2: Sand the Wooden Frame

Grab the medium-grit sand paper and sand down the entire wooden area of the door. Use the hand vacuum to pick up all the sawdust occasionally so that it won't get in your line of vision as you're completing the sanding.

Step 3: Apply the Painter's Tape

Place the tape on the glass where it meets the wood. Make sure that the edge of the tape runs directly along the edge of the wood to prevent paint from getting on the glass. Do this on both sides of the door.

Step 4: Prime and Paint the Surfaces

Apply one coat of primer with the paintbrush. Give the primer a couple hours to dry and then turn the door over and repeat. Apply the primer to all sides of the door as well.

Rinse out the paintbrush and either wait for it to dry, or use another one that you might have handy to apply the paint. As you did with the primer, wait for the paint to dry, then turn the door over and paint the other side, as well as all four sides of the table.

Paint the sawhorses as well during this portion of the project.

Variation: If you prefer to have the metal portions of the sawhorses show, cover them with tape so that no paint gets on them.

Step 5: Sand Portions of the Paint and Set up the Table

Use the fine-grit sandpaper to sand off a little paint in various places. This provides a more rustic look. Once you have achieved the desired look, set the sawhorses in place in your office, remove the tape and gently lay the table on it; the top of the door should be on one sawhorse and the bottom of the door should be on the other.

Move the sawhorses to the spot of the table where the glass meets the wood. Doing so gives you a few inches of overhang so the door doesn't slide off one of the sawhorses. 

If you change your mind about the color of your desk in the future, simple prime over the existing paint and then apply the new color. Ask your furniture expert like one from Senetics for other ideas on how to create other unique looks in your home office with old building materials.