New To Tablescaping? Avoid These Three Mistakes!

Maybe you just recently got some new dining room furniture--an absolutely beautiful table and chairs--and you can't wait to host your first dinner party. You want to "wow" your dinner guests, so you're going to attempt setting your first elegant tablescape. A well-done tablescape can be the perfect crowning touch to your new dining room set and will certainly impress your guests, but if you're new to the art of tablescaping, there are some mistakes you'll ant to avoid.

Over-Crowding Your Table

First and foremost, don't overestimate the size of your dining room table or underestimate how much room you'll need to serve your dinner. This is an all-too-common mistake people make when planning a tablescape, and the end result is a table that's extremely crowded and leaves your dinner guests uncomfortable. Make sure your tablescape leaves plenty of space, not only for your guest's plates, glasses, and utensils, but for any dishes you may want to serve from at the table. Plan to leave more space than you think you'll need so that your dinner guests aren't bumping elbows throughout the meal.

Not Making it Versatile

Tablescape decorations can be quite expensive--especially when it comes to centerpieces. As such, you'll want to make sure that the items you purchase to set up your tablescape are versatile and can be used as often as possible. For instance, if you're hosting a Thanksgiving meal, avoid selecting tablescape decor that's specific to the holiday itself (such as a cornucopia or a ceramic turkey). Instead, opt for settings that are suitable for the holiday meal but appropriate for other occasions as well, such as burlap utensil wraps and autumn-colored artificial flowers. 

Decorating With Scented Candles

Finally, while decorating with candles can be a great way to set the mood for dinner, you'll want to be careful to avoid the use of scented candles. After all, smell has a huge influence on one's perception of taste, so having that lavender candle lit at the dinner table could prevent your guests from fully enjoying the flavors of the meal in front of them. Avoid this mistake by sticking with unscented candles or even flameless candles.

As you can see, there's a lot to keep in mind when it comes to setting up a beautiful tablescape. By avoiding these common mistakes, however, you'll be well on your way to success with your first tablescape. Also, companies like Esprit Decor can help you choose pieces for and design a proper tablescape.