Three Reasons To Update Your Old Bedroom Furniture To Solid Wood

Solid wood furniture offers your home beauty, strength, and value that you won't find with composite wood or plastic products. Though styles come and go, inviting solid wood furniture into your home is a decision that you'll appreciate for years to come. So whether you're living with outdated designs where you sleep or your particleboard headboard is starting to disintegrate, there are three reasons why you should update your bedroom with solid wood furniture (from an outlet such as Black Carriage Furniture).

Inimitable Beauty

Whether it's hand-carved or mass-produced, the beauty of solid wood can't be effectively replicated using veneers. Each wood type offers a distinct look and feel, and each piece of furniture is precisely one-of-a-kind, due to the differences in lumber composition as it's milled.

Woods like cherry or poplar look elegant and sophisticated without staining or finishing. Woods like oak, beech, maple, or pine are beautiful alone, but are better enhanced by a stain that can protect and deepen the look of the lines.

Whether you choose unfinished or stained bedroom furniture, solid wood offers a unique result that brings warmth and beauty to your bedroom that you can't find with MDF or composites. .

Style That Lasts

Solid wood is less resistant to moisture retention than medium-density fiberboard or composite furniture, and when properly maintained, can last centuries. Even the lines and structural features of solid wood furniture engender a signature style that persists through most modern design trends. When solid wood furniture is created according to traditional crafting techniques, these furnishings can outlive you, and maybe several generations more. 

Unparalleled Value

Solid wood furniture requires more tooling and handling from start to finish than a mass-produced item, which will end up elevating the price. But if you invest more up front for furniture that is both durable and stylish, you'll end up with a set that outlasts both trends and flimsy designs. This can help you save money over your lifetime, if you're interested in finding a bedroom set that doesn't need to be replaced because of age or style.

Quality wood furniture is held together with joints instead of screws or nails, and generally includes everything from 9-ply plywood to both solid and hardwoods. Solid wood furniture is even stronger than plywood, which is in fact, thin layers of wood that are glued together for increased strength. Though less valued in strength and beauty than solid woods, plywood is still a step up from pulp wood composites.