Frequently Asked Questions About Mattress Buying

Are you waking up each morning aching and nearly as tired as when you went to bed? Is rolling out of bed growing harder and harder? Does your back ache by the wee hours of the morning? It could be your mattress and it could be time to look at making a change.

Do I have to buy a new mattress?

Maybe. You would want to consider a new mattress if your mattress has developed significant valleys mean that your body is no longer well supported. An aching back is the best indicator of the need for a new mattress. A visit to a mattress store (like Abba's Mattress Outles) is your best bet for learning about your sleeping profile. A good store will not try to sell you the most expensive mattress, but will determine your sleeping needs and attempt to meet them. Depending on the age of your mattress, a new mattress might be in order, but not necessarily. The latest innovations in mattress technology have created a variety of mattress toppers which can change your sleeping experience without having to buy whole new mattress, which can be expensive.

What kinds of toppers are there?

Mattress toppers come in all the same kinds of types as mattress themselves. On the low price end, they start with the very inexpensive "egg carton foam" topper (which you can buy at most superstore chains for under $20 dollars). Then there are also latex and memory foam foam toppers that add comfort to your bed for a moderate price. Finally there are also high end air chamber toppers, which can be set to a specific firmness according to your needs.

How do I know what's right for me...and anyone I may be sleeping with?

Buying a mattress or even a topper for two can be tricky. Both of you need the right comfort level for your individual bodies for a good night's sleep. Often that can be achieved with a single mattress, but not without spending a significant amount of time in the mattress store. Experts recommend spending 10-15 minutes on each mattress with your own pillow to determine which mattress will be best for you. You need to spend enough time that you body relaxes on the mattress and you can feel, or better yet not feel, pressure points. A sensation of floating support is what is most desired in your mattress buying experience.

It might be that you and your partner want to consider different toppers for each side of the bed. He might prefer memory foam and she might need an air chamber mattress. Laying on these different types of mattresses can help you determine what will work best for both of you.