The Importance Of The Right Sofa In Small Living Scenarios

A sofa is an essential in most homes, but these furnishings are even more important in smaller dwellings. For instance, if you happen to be in a one-room living situation such as a studio or a loft apartment, the sofa will likely serve more than one function which makes choosing the right one critical.

Consider the following when shopping for a multifunctional and modern sofa for your space:

New versus used.

There are some good deals to be had at thrift stores and furniture consignment boutiques; the issue arises if you happen to run into a problem with the product or want a guarantee of satisfaction. Retail venues selling new, contemporary sofas may also offer delivery options or expedited shipping. Investing in the right sofa, new or used, is a practical expenditure for any living situation.

Sleeper sofas and futons.

Since you are living in a small dwelling, investing in sleeper sofas or futon couches could be the best approach. This guarantees a dedicated sleep space for you or for guests. Futons may take up less square footage than a bulky sleeper sofa; futons and fainting couches are lean and sleek, and will typically fit in very tight spaces.

Pull-outs and sectional seating.

If you really want to make clever use of the space available in your home, opt for Murphy beds that pull down from a wall. These may require custom-building or carpentry, though there are some other options widely available on the open market.

Look for these clever couch ideas when shopping for furnishings:

  • Many styles of sofas offer storage cavities, which can provide an easy and discreet way to store belongings in a small home.
  • Cool, stylish sectional seating really optimizes the space available around the perimeter of your room. These provide seating, sleeping space, and often have storage compartments, cup holders, and even land-line phones contained inside!

Chic and contemporary.

Use your furniture to make a style statement in a small home and to give the space a distinctive focal point. Look for functional and industrial-looking sofa frames made from stainless steel, chrome or enamel lacquer for something new and chic. Avoiding over-stuffed or wing-back styled sofas will save space and open up the area a bit.

Your couch or sofa is often the center of the activity in living spaces of the home, but this is even more true in tiny dwellings or one-room living situations. Seek out multifunctional pieces in lean, modern styles to make the most of the space you have, without compromising seating or style in the process. Contact a professional furniture store, like Creative Furniture Galleries, for more information on choosing the best sofa for your small space.