Pink Isn’t Just For Little Girls: How To Create A Grown-Up Bedroom Where You Can Unleash Your Passion For Pink

If you love the color pink, you're not alone. A popular color among the young and old, pink is cheerful and bright and can make any day of the year feel like a summer day.

Maybe you dream of having your own pink bedroom but are apprehensive about using the color pink in home decorating. You may be afraid that pink will be too overwhelming or that your bedroom will end up looking too childish.

However, knowing how to use pink effectively in the bedroom will help you design a room that's delightfully pink and all grown up.

Choose the right wall color

If you want to create a room that is sophisticated rather than childlike, avoid using medium or bold shades of pink on the walls. Instead, opt for grown-up colors of light gray, cream, and white. If you truly have your heart set on pink walls, look for subtle colors like blush, bubblegum, or baby pink.

Go dark with the flooring

A dark floor makes a dramatic decorating statement in a room with light-colored walls. Regardless of the type of flooring material you prefer, a chocolate brown color will contrast well with the walls and compliment the pink accent pieces in the room nicely.

Dark gray is a good choice if you prefer flooring in ceramic tile.

Furnish it well

When you visit your local furniture store to shop for furnishings for your bedroom, look for a bed with a brass or metal canopy. A canopy bed will allow you to add an extra splash of pink color to the room by using pink canopy curtains around the bed.

When choosing a dresser and end tables, look for antique white or distressed furniture with brass or gold knobs. Metallic accents add the perfect balance of maturity to a pink-themed room.

Think berries and cream

When choosing curtains, rugs, and accent pillows for your bedroom, think about the combination of berries and cream.  Curtains, bedspreads, and pillows in a combination of berry and cream colors will help you cut the sweetness of pink and provide a more grown-up look.

Don't be afraid to use a few pops of deep gray or chocolate brown in accent pieces to provide the perfect balance of color throughout the room.

Balance solids with patterns. For instance, if your bedspread or comforter is a solid cream color, choose canopy curtains, accent pillows, and window curtains in a pink-patterned design.

When you know how to use pink effectively in bedroom design, having your own pink bedroom will no longer be merely a dream. You can unleash your passion for the color pink in a bedroom makeover that's anything but childish. Visit a local furniture store, like Red House Furniture, for furniture and accessory ideas.