Western-Style Furniture Pieces You Can Incorporate In Your Modern Home Design

There is an appeal to western furniture that can't be ignored. Wood in its raw form, antlers molded into racks or chandeliers, and heritage-style brackets and metal fittings in contemporary pieces can add a certain charm to your home. Here are some western-style furniture pieces you can put in your home that will blend perfectly with your modern home decor and add that classic and simple appeal you are hoping for.

Antler coffee table

A glass-topped coffee table with unfinished wood and a single antler as the supporting post can look lovely in a family room or living room. The key to using an antler design is in combining the modern style (such as the glass top) with the western influence so everything blends well and retains a certain charm rather than a look that is out of place.

If an antler coffee table is just too much, then consider burl wood instead. Burl wood is a thick slab of wood from a tree's trunk that retains its natural swirls and uneven edges, and is often placed on a wide base for sturdiness and a masculine, charming appeal. A burl wood coffee table is an excellent choice for a room with a fireplace or your home's library.

Barn wood door

A barn wood door is an excellent way to divide rooms in your home, such as the living room from the hallway. To make a barn wood door match your modern decor, have it placed on a metal rail where it slides to open and close rather than swinging open like a traditional door. Choose reclaimed barn wood for a silvered look or a deeply hued walnut or cherry wood for a rich enhancement to your room as a chic divider.

Rustic bar stools

Bring the influence of the Old West to your dining area by placing rustic bar stools with twisting wooden legs at your breakfast bar or under your dining room windows. Wood in classic pine or honeyed walnut is a great choice to add a simple allure and welcome appeal to your dining room.

You can incorporate western furniture into your home in many ways. You can choose a rustic coffee table in burled wood or go with bar stools that bring Old West history to life in your home. Whether you want to place a single piece of western furniture to your modern decor or add many different contrasting pieces to your home, you can incorporate both modern and western styles together with ease.