3 Ways To Furnish A Small Home

One of the most difficult parts about furnishing a home is finding the best furniture for a smaller space, mostly because a lot of the available furniture seems to be intended for larger homes and spaces. Listed below are a few options that can help you furnish your smaller home without making it feel cluttered.

Japanese-Style Bedding

An easy way to make the most out of a smaller space is to create multi-purpose rooms. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to utilize Japanese-style floor bedding. This type of bedding typically consists of a foam mat and a shiki futon mattress. 

The benefit to this type of bedding is that you do not have to make space for a large bed frame, boxspring, or mattress. With this type of Japanese-style bedding, you are meant to simply fold up the bedding and set it in a closet or corner of the room. This option will allow you to have a comfortable bed, but still be able to open up the entire bedroom for use as a hobby room, craft room, or simply as an office or stud space.

Modular Couches

Modular couches are an ideal way to create a seating solution for a small living room or den. A modular couch is usually made up of multiple pieces that can be attached, detached, or rearranged. One advantage to this is that you can save money because each piece of the modular couch will be priced separately, so you can choose to buy only what you need or what will fit.

Once you have the pieces on hand, you can choose to separate them around the room to create a set of single-person seating arrangements, or you can make a single larger couch. Another option is to attach the pieces together to make multiple smaller couches if you have the room for them. A nice added bonus to this setup is that if you do move to a larger home in the future, you can buy more pieces and expand the couch as needed.

Expanding Tables

Another room that can be difficult to furnish in a smaller space is a dining room. This can be particularly problematic in an apartment where the dining room is a part of the kitchen. In that situation, a large or average-sized dining table can take up way too much space.

However, expanding tables can help with this situation because most of the time, they will be quite small and more than large enough for two to four people. The advantage to an expanding table is that it can be opened up to make space for twice as many people when needed, such as for a party or other occasion. When the tables expand, they usually do so through pulling up panels that are folded up from underneath the table, or by pulling apart and requiring you to place an extra table panel in the center of the table to increase the surface area.

Drop by your local furniture store--like Tri City Furniture--today in order to discover the wide range of options available for a small home. Expanding tables, Japanese-style bedding, and modular couches are all great ways to maximize your space in a smaller home.