Give Your Living Room A Light And Beach-Inspired Makeover

Bring your home's living room into the spring season with a light and airy makeover inspired by the beach. This can make your space seem bigger and brighter, while also exuding a fresh, positive vibe. Talk with furniture retailers about pieces to augment existing furnishings and accents, as well as to find fixtures needed to complete your room's design theme.

Give your living room a beach-inspired makeover with these suggestions:

Get rid of the dead-wood. Get rid of any clutter that is laying around collecting dust. Keep wall-hangings, art, and collectibles to a minimum; this will help to highlight the pieces that you do have on display. Choose a few beach-inspired pieces that you can integrate, like a seashell collection, length of fishing net, or a painting of the surf.

Give the room a white-wash. It is pretty amazing what a coat of fresh, white paint can do; try painting the walls and ceilings with the same shade to make your room seem larger and airier. Pay attention to the bulbs that you use to illuminate the room, and opt for cool-white bulbs to give your space a bit of a blue glow that reflects the ocean.

Go for a shabby-chic look. When shopping for furnishings, look for weathered wood and unique paint treatments that will fit in with your room's neutral color palette. Consider buying unfinished wood pieces that you might easily cover with white-wash paint (paint that has been watered down with thinner) to achieve a weathered look. Also, search antique stores and tag sales for any teak pieces to bring a true beach-feel to the living room.

Grab attention with a fun focal-point. Since you are keeping collectibles and accents to a minimum, make sure to pack a stylish punch with the right pieces. Consider implementing small task-lights to showcase a painting or photo, or use acrylic cubes to contain shells or stones that are on display in the room. Opt for one dramatic and oceanic item, such as an old captain's chair or a ship's wheel, to give the room a bit of flair and to draw attention.

A beach-inspired space can be a relaxing, comfortable place that feels calm and clutter-free. Open up your living room with these design tips, and talk with retailers about the right living room furniture and fixtures to finish your remodeling project. Creating a beach-inspired room in the spring is the perfect way to welcome warm weather and get ready for summer!