Unique And Inexpensive Ideas When Making Over Your Teen’s Room

Start the school year off on the right foot by making over your teenager's room. This may serve to inspire them as they settle in for a year of studying and homework, and it can also motivate them to keep it looking good! Try the following tips for refurbishing and creating a teen-friendly room in your home:

Tie-dye upholstery. Try your hand at reupholstering a chair or futon cushion with something that your teen will enjoy- tie-dye! Dye cotton fabric or old sheets in vibrant colors to use for recovering existing upholstery in a fun way. This is a great project for you and your teen to help give their room a new look.

Wearable art. Use fun, collectible tees to make a quilt or wall hanging for the room. This is a great way to show off a tee-shirt collection and clean out storage space, too. Simply stitch the bodies of the tee-shirts together to form a quilt, or frame the tees for a distinctive wall hanging that will be enjoyed.

Plush pillows. There is nothing as cozy as a lounge space that is full of plush pillows, so make some using unwanted or discarded sweaters!  Recycle sweaters by cutting off the arms and stitching around the top, fill with a pillow-form, and stitch the bottom closed. These are even more interesting when there are buttons or embellishments on the sweater to add texture to your pillows.

Inflatable furniture. If you need some furnishings for your teen's room, check out what is available from retailers in inflatable furnishings. These are quite durable, convenient, and inexpensive; plus, if you decide to change the room later, you can deflate these items and store them away with ease. Add an inflatable couch, chair, or chaise to provide a cool spot for your teen to work on homework during the school year.

Fresh bedding. Freshen up the bedding in your teen's room for a dramatic change when making over their room. A clean color palette of white or grey makes it possible to accent with any colors that you choose, and will provide you with lots of versatility when accenting and furnishing the space. For cozy comfort, opt for organic cotton or bamboo linens.

Use these ideas to inspire you when making over your teen's room. These tips may serve as a guide to come up with your own creative ways to change their bedroom into a space that is conducive to hanging out, studying, and lounging. Visit stores like Heritage Custom Furniture to find the materials needed to refurbish your teen's bedroom!