Three Ways To Spruce Up An Old Table

If you are tired of your dining table, there is no time like the present to upgrade. Before you give away or discard your old one, consider repurposing it into something clever. Consider the following three ways to spruce up and transform your old table into something special:

Turn it into a coloring center. If you want a true conversation piece for any room of the home, turn your old table into an interactive coloring center. First, give the table a thorough coat of white paint. Next, using permanent markers, paint, and stencils, create the outline of a pattern across the surface of your table's top; look for designs that have a lot of detail for coloring-in later on. Keep a cup of markers, crayons, and pens nearby to fill in the pattern anytime you want to relax and do some coloring!

Give it a blackboard top. Use your old dining room table in a different area of the house, like a study or family room, and give it a blackboard-style top. Buy a couple cans of blackboard spray paint from a hardware of home improvement store; thoroughly cover the surface of the table with the paint and allow it to fully-dry. Use chalk to write messages, draw designs, or leave notes for family members; these are great focal points in a children's bedroom!

Flip it and reuse as a pet bed. Finally, turn your old table into something other than a table: a precious pet bed! First, flip the table over so the table's top is lying flat on your floor. Next:

  • Gently sand, paint, or stencil the table legs and sides with pet's name or motifs.
  • Tuck a pillow or pet-bed inside the space between the legs of the table. Typically, there is an edging under the table's top that will help to hold the cushions in place.
  • Gently turn the bed over and add feet or casters to the bottom of your bed (the top of the table) to give the bed some stability and to prevent scratching or damaging your floor's surface.

An old table is the perfect project for a winter afternoon or a weekend; turn your old table into something special with one of these three suggestions. Upgrade your old table by visiting furniture stores and seeking out distinctive tables with ample room for your family, friends, and guests in the coming holiday season! For more information, contact a furniture repair company like Granddad's Refinishing, LLC.