3 Ways to Make the Interior of Your Car Look Like New Again

If your car looks stunning from the outside but ransacked on the inside, you may feel like you need to step it up a notch to give your ride the overall appeal you want. From giving the upholstery the attention it needs to taking care of carpeting, here are three ways you can make the inside of your vehicle look like new again.

Detailed cleaning

You may regularly vacuum out your car and wipe down the dash, but this doesn't get rid of scratches in your seats, dents in your dash, or stains in your floor carpeting. A detailed cleaning, which is usually performed at an auto shop, gives your car a mini makeover by adding sheen and making the space smell like new again. A detailed clean involves delicately removing grime and food particles from radio knobs and other dash dials, removing stains and odor from floor carpeting, refreshing leather or vinyl seating so it is smooth and shiny, and giving your dashboard a clear wipe down.

New upholstery

Pets, cigarettes, children, and large objects can all take their toll on your seats over time, ripping them or fading them considerably. Consider having an auto body shop repair or replace broken seats and cover them with beautifully stitched upholstery you can be proud of. You can choose dreamy black or racy red leather, or stick with classic soft materials in a neutral hue you can enjoy. You can also keep your original interior upholstery and simply have worn seats covered and rips stitched to give your seats an updated look.


Sometimes you can't tell just how new the inside of your vehicle is due to the lack of organization of your belongings. If you have work or school papers sitting on the passenger seat or clothing piled up in the back, your car will look disheveled on the inside. Put all documents in a folder or briefcase that you can store in the trunk or backseat of your car, remove all clothing and take it inside, and keep a plastic trash bag under your seat to give you the tool you need for cleaning out your car whenever you get home daily. This can help you remain more organized and take some pride in your new upholstery or detailed leaning job.

The more you take care of the inside of your car, the better off you can feel about your ride. Investing in interior repairs can be a great way to keep your vehicle looking new for years. Talk to a company like Rocky Mountain Upholstery CO. about what they can do for your car's interior.