Attractive Storage Ideas For Your Mudroom

The mudroom can be a literal catchall space. As your family enters the house, the members probably shed their outerwear and belongings in the foyer or mudroom. Needless to say, the room can get messy quickly. Install attractive storage solutions to organize your family's entrance into the house.

Custom Wooden Storage Crate

Even if you have just a small space for your mudroom, a custom wooden storage crate is a good start. Made of attractive natural wood, such a storage crate provides a ground zero for your disrobing. You can have a cushion attached to the lid so the crate doubles as seating. The interior can be customized with inserts to accommodate storing anything you need tucked away. Plan for a crate size that easily fits into whatever nook you have available in your entryway.

Peg Wall

The storage inside your wooden crate probably isn't sufficient for everyday items. Instead, Better Homes and Gardens suggests building a peg wall. You start with beaded board attached to the mudroom wall. Top it with a shelf, and add pegs or hooks at different heights. You can use the hooks for hanging not just coats, but bags, backpacks, and other items with handles. Incorporate the peg wall either as a backdrop for your storage crate or adjacent to it, depending on the amount of space you have.


You may want more shelves that the one on top of your peg wall. You can either have them custom made or you can install premade versions in your mudroom. The key to tidiness is outfitting each shelf with storage bins. Choose a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate all your daily items. Decorative baskets and wire bins work well, as do the standard storage cubes. If you're having the shelving custom-made, consider having the bottom shelf slide out for shoes. As with the peg wall, the shelving can be a part of your plan with the storage crate seating.

Command Center

If you have a busy family with a lot of independent activities, consider incorporating a message center as part of your storage. For your command center, you'll need cork board and file hangers. The cork board allows you to store messages to each other or other essential paperwork you may need as you fly out the door. You can also use it to display schedules. The files are convenient catch-alls for mail or less essential paperwork. You can also hang different sized baskets for keys and other small items in your command center.

Put all the storage ideas together for a well-organized and attractive mudroom entryway. Contact a company like B & ME Woodworking for more ideas and helps.