3 Tips to Maximize the Space in Your Studio Apartment

Living in a studio apartment is a great way to save money during college or if you are just starting out in the job world. Unfortunately, the biggest downside to a studio apartment is a lack of space. If you have already cut back your clutter and gotten rid of your bigger pieces of furniture but still don't have enough room, there are several things you can do to make your studio apartment feel more spacious.

Here are three simple tips to help you make the most of your studio apartment's square footage.

1. Choose Furniture With Several Purposes

Picking furniture that is smaller is a great option. However, if you choose furniture that has multiple purposes, you don't need to sacrifice your comfort trying to balance on a tiny chair or eat from a small table. For example, purchase a coffee table that folds out into a kitchen table. You can pair this with chairs that are designed to tuck under the kitchen table.

Nesting tables feature smaller tables that slide under a larger side table. A wall-mounted desk allows you to tuck away your work area while not in use. There are a variety of multi-purpose pieces that are stylish and allow you to save on floor space.

2. Purchase a Murphy Bed

Chances are your bed takes up a lot of space in your studio apartment, even if it is a twin. The best way to enjoy a larger bed without sacrificing floor space is to invest in a Murphy bed. A Murphy bed traditionally allows you to fold the bed into a horizontal frame tucked against the wall. The frame can feature shelving or other decorative items that will add a decorative touch to your apartment, while saving you precious space.

You can also purchase a custom-designed queen Murphy bed, a bed that rotates rather than folds or features a freestanding frame. If you cannot attach the frame to your apartment's wall, a freestanding model allows you to enjoy the benefits of a Murphy bed without causing damage.

3. Think Vertically

Finally, when you're choosing furniture, shelving, and decorative items, pick out pieces that are taller rather than wider. This will not only allow you to save on space, it can make your small studio apartment seem larger. Hang shelving and pictures or photos in a vertical line, rather than straight across. Utilizing the wall's height for storage makes your floor seem less cluttered.

From investing in a Murphy bed to choosing multi-purpose furniture, there are several ways you can make the most of the limited square footage in your studio apartment.