The Do’s & Don’ts Of Success When Opening A Used Furniture Store

People are always on the lookout for used furniture, so the used furniture business is a good one to get into. However, there are some do's and don'ts of the used furniture business that will pave your way to success. 

Do: Clean the furniture well before it goes out for sale. 

There is nothing worse than walking into a used furniture store and spotting a sofa that is stained or a set of kitchen chairs with grime still hanging out between the spindles of the chair backs. having furniture professionally cleaned before it goes on display is an absolute must when you are dealing with used furniture. Soft furnishings should be thoroughly vacuumed, sanitized, and spot treated for stains, and all other furniture should get just as much attention. 

Don't: Put items out for sale that could damage your reputation. 

It is easy to view every piece of used furniture as a potential profit, but if you are trying to keep the reputation of your used furniture store as upstanding as possible, some pieces should never be put up for sale. For example, if you have an old raggedy mattress that has been cleaned but still has some holes, this is not something that should go on the sales floor. Sometimes one "bad" item will leave a bad impression on buyers, and they may never come back because of it. 

Do: Make sure your pricing is where it should be. 

Pricing used furniture pieces can be a little tough. Most pieces are not going to be worth a retail price, but determining just how far below the retail price you should be asking can be tough. In general terms, the more used a piece appears, the less money you should charge. However, there are also considerations to be made regarding things like the brand of the furniture, the material of the furniture, and even the style of the furniture. For example, even if you have a well-worn antique wardrobe that could use refinishing, it could be really valuable because it is made out of walnut hardwoods and was created by an artisan wood crafter. 

Don't: Forget that even used furniture stores should have promotions. 

If you want to compete with other furniture stores in the area, you have to come up with creative ways to promote what you're selling. Even used furniture stores should have occasional sales and promotions. For instance, perhaps you could hold a "Buy One Get One Half Off" promotion if your store is getting a bit overcrowded.