Mix And Match: Finding The Right Color Combination For Your Home Office

Gone are the days when the home office was a sterile-looking room that lacked design, style, and color. Whether you're an entrepreneur charting your own career course for the future or an employee who works from home, having an attractive home office is a great way to stay motivated and get your work done. Mixing and matching colors is the key to designing a great home office that is anything but boring.

Choose your furniture first

Good quality home office furniture is an investment you will be using for many years to come. Be picky when it comes to selecting furnishings and don't settle for furnishings you're not crazy about. Find a color and style you're happy with and work the rest of the room around the furniture.

Plan to spend a good portion of your budget on a chair that's comfortable and provides lumbar support. Get a big desk versus a small desk if you have the space to accommodate it, so you have plenty of room for spreading out papers, books, and research materials. Invest in an excellent filing system that gives you plenty of room to grow as your business expands.

Complement and contrast

Choose a wall color to contrast with the color of your office furniture. Some good color combinations include teal walls with black furniture, navy blue walls with white furniture, coral walls with gray furniture, or light wooden furniture with olive green walls. If you like a monochromatic color palette, consider painting three walls white with a contrasting black wall to complement black office furniture.

If you enjoy the simple look of white on white that's common in interior design, paint walls a soft white to complement off-white furniture. To add a slight contrast while maintaining simplicity, paint walls a creamy light beige to use with bright white office furniture.

Make the most of accessories

Make the most of accessories by choosing wall accent pieces to match the color of your office furniture. For instance, if you have black furniture choose wall picture frames in black to create pleasing eye appeal. If you have white furniture, white picture frames and wall décor will pop against a dark wall.

Mixing and matching colors is the key to creating a home office you'll enjoy showing up to each workday. Whether you love bold and daring colors or prefer the soothing hues of subtle colors, finding a color combination that works for you will help you create a home office that's fun and functional with all the comforts of home.

To learn more about office furniture, contact a home office furniture supplier in your area.