3 Tips to Maximize the Space in Your Studio Apartment

Living in a studio apartment is a great way to save money during college or if you are just starting out in the job world. Unfortunately, the biggest downside to a studio apartment is a lack of space. If you have already cut back your clutter and gotten rid of your bigger pieces of furniture but still don't have enough room, there are several things you can do to make your studio apartment feel more spacious. Read More 

Have Basic Furnishings? Go Shopping To Fill In The Rest Of Your Home

Whether you recently moved into a new home and went shopping or brought furniture from your old home, you may have all the essential furnishings. You should be able to have a functional family with beds, tables, chairs, dressers, and couches throughout your home. But, you may not have the other furniture pieces that help to fill out your home and make it fully furnished. Even if you do not need to get any big pieces, you should still head to a furniture store with a shopping list that will improve the functionality and attractiveness of your home. Read More 

Attractive Storage Ideas For Your Mudroom

The mudroom can be a literal catchall space. As your family enters the house, the members probably shed their outerwear and belongings in the foyer or mudroom. Needless to say, the room can get messy quickly. Install attractive storage solutions to organize your family's entrance into the house. Custom Wooden Storage Crate Even if you have just a small space for your mudroom, a custom wooden storage crate is a good start. Read More 

3 Ways to Make the Interior of Your Car Look Like New Again

If your car looks stunning from the outside but ransacked on the inside, you may feel like you need to step it up a notch to give your ride the overall appeal you want. From giving the upholstery the attention it needs to taking care of carpeting, here are three ways you can make the inside of your vehicle look like new again. Detailed cleaning You may regularly vacuum out your car and wipe down the dash, but this doesn't get rid of scratches in your seats, dents in your dash, or stains in your floor carpeting. Read More 

What Kind Of Furniture Do You Like?

Handmade wooden furniture can make a wonderful addition to your home or office. It helps to communicate your sense of taste and style, while also making your family or guests feel more comfortable when they visit. Unlike the cheap, particle-board or plastic used in the construction of most modern furniture, high-quality wood lasts longer and captures the perfect blend of form and function.    However, not all wooden furniture is created equally; each species has its own strengths and weaknesses. Read More