Is My Antique Furniture Valuable? Appraisal Tips

If you own a piece of antique furniture, you're probably wondering what its value really is. While not all old or antique furniture is worth a ton of money, some pieces can hold a lot more value than people expect. Of course, you can never truly know until you enlist the help of an experienced antique furniture appraiser. Here are a few insider tricks and tips to help you learn more about the older furniture in your home or that you've inherited. Read More 

Frequently Asked Questions About Mattress Buying

Are you waking up each morning aching and nearly as tired as when you went to bed? Is rolling out of bed growing harder and harder? Does your back ache by the wee hours of the morning? It could be your mattress and it could be time to look at making a change. Do I have to buy a new mattress? Maybe. You would want to consider a new mattress if your mattress has developed significant valleys mean that your body is no longer well supported. Read More 

Three Reasons To Update Your Old Bedroom Furniture To Solid Wood

Solid wood furniture offers your home beauty, strength, and value that you won't find with composite wood or plastic products. Though styles come and go, inviting solid wood furniture into your home is a decision that you'll appreciate for years to come. So whether you're living with outdated designs where you sleep or your particleboard headboard is starting to disintegrate, there are three reasons why you should update your bedroom with solid wood furniture (from an outlet such as Black Carriage Furniture). Read More 

New To Tablescaping? Avoid These Three Mistakes!

Maybe you just recently got some new dining room furniture--an absolutely beautiful table and chairs--and you can't wait to host your first dinner party. You want to "wow" your dinner guests, so you're going to attempt setting your first elegant tablescape. A well-done tablescape can be the perfect crowning touch to your new dining room set and will certainly impress your guests, but if you're new to the art of tablescaping, there are some mistakes you'll ant to avoid. Read More 

Learn Which Pieces Of Furniture To Buy When You Need To Make The Most Of A Small Living Room

Having a small house means that you need to make the most of every inch of space available in the home. When you are buying furniture to put into your home, you need to be sure that anything you buy can serve as much purpose as possible. The following guide walks you through the process of buying useful living room furniture that can serve double duties for you: Coffee Table with Storage Read More